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The education market increasingly requires higher standards in every area of education.
A key demand: comparable, standardized exam quality.

Q-Exam® is the powerful exam management platform
for your complete study program.

Your benefits:


Increased transparency and higher examination justice.


Time savings for professors and administration from 40% to 90%.


Many options for customization in the areas of collaboration and process management.

That's how it works:

Quality improvement

Quality improvement

  • Create standardized exam processes and benchmark exam quality against previous semesters and upon different courses.
  • Continuously increase your exam quality through our various quality improvement tools.
  • Document your improvements in exam quality and lay important foundations for getting your degree program accredited.



  • We are able to simultaneously examine 500 students with our mobile laptops in one session. Easily book the exam conduction as full service and forgo expensive own IT-infrastructures.
  • Pool multiple sessions at different locations to examine larger classrooms.
  • Reduce exam correction work by at least 40% through semi- and fully automatic correction processes.
  • Easily import proven questions from your central exam question database.



  • Together, we develop your perfectly tailored exam process with our flexible Q-Exam® modules.
  • Choose from various question types and find the format that perfectly fits your question.
  • Examine wherever you want. Our mobile technology works in the classroom or anywhere else.

That's what our customers say:

Prof Ingo Just

“We use Q-Exam for our model degree program Human Medicine since 2006 and write more than 200 exams each year. Since then, our exam quality increased considerably.”

Dr. Ingo Just,
professor for pharmacology and toxicology,
dean at Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Prof Roland Wismueller

“Since 2015, we frequently write exams with several hundred students. This works great and smooth with the wireless Q-Examiner laptops.“

Dr. Roland Wismüller,
professor for computer science, Chief Information Officer (CIO), University of Siegen

Three good reasons for your trust:

Legal certainty

We guarantee legally certain and approved exam processes.


Pioneer in the market since 2005. More than 400.000 conducted student exams.

Data security

All data is stored on your campus servers or on certified servers in Germany.

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