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Revolutionizing Digital Assessment

Who we are

IQUL GmbH is a quickly growing young company in the higher education market. As a provider of customized, digital examination platforms our team of fifty people pushes forward the digitalization of the higher education sector and plays a leading role in the creation of electronic exam standards in German-speaking regions. Although we are still young we are already represented in many universities in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Research and Development

Research is our DNA and no empty phrase to us! That's why we invest every cent of our revenue in the further development of our examination platforms to make them even better and more efficient.

Our academic development partners are always involved:
We cooperate with Dr. med. vet. Jan Ehlers, professor and expert for didactics and medical educational at the University of Witten/Herdecke.
Since 2012, we also welcome the Hannover Medical School (MHH) as shareholder of our company. Together, we built a strategic alliance with strong mutual benefits.

Born Digital

Digitalization constitutes a paradigmatic shift for the organization and management of companies. We think digitally right from the start and have established flexible organizational structures which are ready for the future: We define our organization as a flexible Market-oriented Value Creation Network and see our customers and suppliers as strategic partners. For many processes, we are using the worldwide, digital community as efficient crowd-sourcing partners. We have also already outsourced many business processes to safe cloud-solutions.

We Love Our Customers

Our customers' loyalty is key for the sustainable growth of our company. That's why, it's our primary goal to be ahead of competition in every respect. Hence, we permanently seek our customers' feedback to continuously improve our products, services, and processes.

Agile Development

IQUL lives by the Agile Manifesto. Interactive software development means to us: close and personal cooperation with our customers, short production cycles, and a dedication to continuous improvement. The result: Functionable products, that make our customers happy and help them to progress quickly.

Our Management Team

Digital in mind, service workers at heart

  • Daniel Möbs
  • Johannes vor dem Esche
  • Dr. Jonas vor dem Esche
  • Marco Schmitz
  • Manfred Feld
  • Elke vor dem Esche
  • George
  • Daniel Möbs

    Daniel Möbs

    Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

    Daniel is IQUL's chief sales officer and has been with the company since it's foundation. He is an expert for education-related services in the higher education market with more than ten years of experience in digital exam services. Daniel has worked as Senior Manager at Codiplan GmbH, an agency for interactive medical training. During his leisure time, he loves hiking, skiing, and is also involved in several social projects.

  • Johannes vor dem Esche

    Johannes vor dem Esche

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Johannes is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in executive management. IQUL is the second company he foundend and raised. He is a visionary lateral thinker with endless ideas about how to improve products, structure processes, and slove problems. He is also strongly focussed on customer satisfaction. As an experienced international moderator of medical trainings he has a fine grasp for customer needs. In his leisure time, he is a passionate woodworker and the proud owner of Anna-Maria, the mahogany boat whose construction he finished recently.

  • Dr. Jonas vor dem Esche

    Dr. Jonas vor dem Esche

    Head of Production, Business Development and Marketing

    Jonas is an expert for marketing and digitalization with a precise understanding of scalable business models. Before he jointed IQUL, he co-founded and worked as operative director of the Digitalization Think:Lab, a joint research initiative of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and the Marketing Center of the University of Muenster. The Think:Lab is specialized in digitalization research. His research was, inter alia, published at Harvard Business Manager and well known research journals. As an former product manager at L'Oréal Germany Jonas has also longtime experiences in product marketing. In his leisure time, he likes sailing, skiing, and spending time with his family.

  • Marco Schmitz

    Marco Schmitz

    Head of Software Development

    Marco is Head of Software Development at IQUL and has more than fifteen years of experience in the development of customized software solutions. He is an expert in agile development and well-versed in leading complex software-projects. Before he joined IQUL, he worked as a team leader at a Cologne-based software company and as an engineer at PTC, a worldwide software manufacturer listed at S&P 500. In his leisure time, Marco loves playing football and spents time with his family and George, his dog.

  • Manfred Feld

    Manfred Feld

    Head of Quality Assurance and Exam Services

    Manfred is responsible for quality assurance and customer service. He is a quality assurance manager with longtime experiences in leading international software projects. With his team he is severely testing our products and services every day. Due to our customer-centric business approach, quality assurance and customer service belong together for us. This is why Manfred and his team are able to quickly translate customer requests into product improvements. Before he joined IQUL, Manfred worked as Quality Group Leader at PTC, a software manufacturer listed at S&P 500. In his leisure time, he makes music with his band De Vänte or relaxes with his family while spending time in nature.

  • Elke vor dem Esche

    Elke vor dem Esche

    Head of Exam Execution and Finance

    Elke is a shareholder in IQUL GmbH and directs the exam execution department. She also keeps a critical eye on the financial development of our company. Previously, she worked as an event manager for several agencies. Elke loves traveling, good food and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

  • George


    Our puppy

    Just a few month ago, George became part of our team and is since then rocking the house. We all love him and some colleagues secretly hide some treats to make him come over in their office more often.