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Q-Exam® Institution is our platform for the creation and administration of digital exams. It works seamlessly with Q-Examiner®,
our exam conduction software.

Exam Management

Exam Management

For us, quality starts with structure. Therefore, we put a precisely defined process at the beginning of every exam management activity. Together with you, we define exactely those roles, rights, and process steps which perfectly fit your institution. Would you like to centrally plan and schedule exams, connect every exam question with your defined curricular learning objectives, funnel all exam questions into an objective review process prior to the exam, collaboratively create complex exams containing questions from multiple lectures, benchmark exam results against previous semsters, and document and archive all activities and events? Then, Q-Exam® Institution helps you to organize all those processes and to continuously increase the quality of your exams.

Central Exam Database

Central Exam Database

The central exam question database is the core of every Q-Exam® Institution platform. Is saves and processes all questions, all their meta- and performance data, and all review steps. New exams can easily be enriched with proven and tested questions from previous exams. Questions may also be exchanged among colleagues while authors' rights remain protected. Our databases are compatible with common campus management systems like FACT-Science or His-Pos. Questions can also be imported and exported from third party databases.

Review process

Review process

If you like, you can implement an effective quality assurance tool prior to each exam through standardized review processes for all exam questions. For example, a formal review authority can check if an exam question is formulated logically or if the answers you have choosen are consistent with the exam guidelines you have defined upfront. A professional review authority checks an exam question for content-related weaknesses or potential conflicts with related topics. All revisions of every question are documented automatically to make changes transparent. After that, a traffic-light-system shows you the quality of the final question and makes it easy for you to differentiate between good and excellent questions.

Analysis functions

Analysis functions

Q-Exam® Institution offers you many analysis functions for single exam questions and complete exams. For example, you can analyze the questions with regard to their level of difficulty, their discriminatory power, or their internal consistency (Cronbach's Alpha). Make sensitivity analyses and discover how exam results would change if you excluded a question from the rating. Compare the distribution of scores and grades with the normal distribution and easily change the pass mark.

Blueprint functions

Blueprint functions

Do your study regulations contain learning objectives or would you like to jointly assess knowledge of multiple lectures? In this case our blueprint designer helps you to structure exam content and to distribute tasks among your colleagues. For example, with the blueprint designer you can specify how many questions of learning objective A or B should be part of the exam or how many exam points should be assign to questions related to lecture one, two, or three.

The Q-Exam® Institution Advantages at a Glance

Approved Exam Processes

Ten years of experience in the development of exam management processes.

Collaboration Functions

Work productivley hand in hand with all exam actors.

Guaranteed Legal Certainty

Stay on the safe side with our legally watertight exam processes.

Secure, Worldwide Access

Have worldwide access to Q-Exam® Institution via safe internet protocols. You do not need to install any software on your computer.

Interface Management

Q-Exam® Institution interacts seamlessly with common campus management programs.

Author Rights

Q-Exam® Institution safeguards the protection of author rights for exam questions.

Question History

Document automatically every revision step of your exam.


Easily archive all your exam data at the push of a button for the legally recommended period and far beyond.

Reminder E-mails

Stop creating exams at the very last minute. Timely automatic e-mails remind all people involved of their duties.