Q-Exam Institution - Release 1.64, April 2020

Here we introduce you to the new features of Q-Exam® Institution, which will be available from April 2020 with software release 1.64.

With the software release 1.64 some very powerful new examination formats become available, which allow you to better examine on a case basis and save correction time. For example, in addition to the question types cloze dropdown and cloze free text there is now a third, efficient cloze text format with autocompletion. Cloze autocomplete combines the advantages of an automatic evaluation of the cloze format dropdown with the higher taxonomic requirements of the question type cloze free text. New processes in exam preparation also help you to organize yourself better, for example, by selecting partial exam coordinators or hiring vacation replacements.

Release 1.64 also allows you to structure exams better and faster. For example, there is the option to divide exams cleanly into blocks and to further display the block structure for the candidate during the exam. Likewise, the new examination format "Question Group" allows interdependent subtasks to be linked together in a meaningful way and to be displayed clearly. An additional menu allows the candidate to view all the subtasks of a Question Group at any time during the exam and to navigate easily back and forth between them. In addition, the new release offers the "Copy Exam" button, which allows you to create a copy of an exam, including structure and contents, and then adapt or revise it if desired.

Version 1.64 also brings changes to existing functions, which further simplify the administration of your exams. For example, when creating exam questions, you can now rely on a modern text editor that is easy and intuitive to use. As an additional option, a formula editor is available for the first time, with which you can quickly and easily include mathematical or chemical formulas in your exam questions without having to learn complicated programming languages first. In addition, with Release 1.64, it will be possible to integrate existing questions into a Key Feature Group, thus significantly reducing the effort required to create a new Key Feature Group. Within the framework of the blueprint rules, you can now not only specify the number of questions, but also extend your guidelines to the number of points. Instead of defining that a certain number of questions have to be asked in the given exam duration, you define the maximum number of points to be achieved.

Release notes